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Rockstar Not Roadie - Tank Top - Made in USA

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Hey there guitarist, can you move that monitor speaker over there?

… oh and while you're at it, can you roll this gear rack to the back of the room for the sound tech?

Sound familiar? Of course it does!

Some day, you'll actually have a roadie to cart your gear around for you...

... but for the moment, carting your own gear is fine, but carting somebody else's?...

Forget it, right?

Cart your own flippin gear buddy!

Let's face it, you might not be that fussed about it, but hey...

Fake it 'til you' make it, right?

You're the rockstar! You're the one that makes the band!

Without you, the band wouldn't be the same, would it...

It would be half the band it currently is

Set people straight from the get go with this tank

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