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I'm With The Band Ladies T-Shirt

$29 .99

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Bands are cool right?

I mean, if you're part of a band, you're something, you're cool and you're important.

Plus, you do a pretty cool, fun job! What, with grabbing your instrument of choice, jumping up on stage and rocking the socks off your audience? Who wouldn't want to do that?!

But... not all of us are musicians, are we...

Not all of us have put in the hours of practise and commitment, blood, sweat and tears to be part of a band

Some of us just hang around bands because they are cool and fun to be around.

After all... entertaining is their business!

So, whether you're actually with the band or not, you can pick up one of these t-shirts and at least pretend to be with them!

... and who knows... if they see you wearing it, they might take you back stage!

Or, if you are actually with the band, then this is the ideal t-shirt for you, showing your true support for your band...

...because after all... they are your band are they not?

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