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Groupie Ladies T-Shirt

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Bands are cool right?

I mean, if you're part of a band, you're something, you're cool and you're important.

Plus, you do a pretty cool, fun job! What, with grabbing your instrument of choice, jumping up on stage and rocking the socks off your audience? Who wouldn't want to do that?!

But... what about the support crew?...

What about the people like you, who show up to every gig, regardless of the weather?

Does that sound like you? Of course!

You're a Dedicated Groupie who will follow your band pretty much anywhere they go right?

After all, you're the one that wouldn't waiver after the first gig where 3 people showed up and 2 of them are the tech guys

You should be recognised for that!

Praised! Congratulated! Shown appreciation!

But, who actually ends up showing you appreciation?

Nobody, right? Well... except the band, who show their appreciation by getting you to carry stuff

Thanks guys!

But it's ok... with a t-shirt like this, you're covered!

Everybody will now know that you are deserving of the groupie title

... and that's the way it should be

...because after all... you are... and will always be... the Best Groupie Ever!

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