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Chromatic Clip-On Tuner

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Do you hate it when you get to a gig, a rehearsal or even a friends place and realise you have no tuner?

We've all been there right?

You travel a long way, get all your gear out, get all set up for the gig and then go to tune up, only to find you don't have your tuner with you!

We've all been there:

It's one of those frustrating moments in life that you just want to forget.

Good news:

With a tuner at this price, you can get one for each guitar and keep it in the case with it at all times!

Whammo! Problem solved!

And with an accurate tuner such as this one, you can relax knowing you'll be in tune when you strike that all-important first chord or note.

It's simple:

Click the buy now button and pick up a tuner for each of your guitars and never stress about having a tuner ever again!

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