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Born To Rock Tank Top Made in USA

$34 .99

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Have you ever found yourself wondering why you simply can't live without music?

Why you're drawn to rock music like moths to a bright light?

There's just something about it isn't there…

Something that draws you in… something that catches you

Don't even try to deny it

What is that something?

What is it about rock music that pushes your buttons?

Could it simply be that you were Born to Rock?

That, from the very first day you opened your eyes, you were a rocker?

How else would you explain it?

You can't, can you...

The simple truth is... you were Born To Rock

Put on this planet to play rock music

Go ahead, admit it, own it, declare it to the world

Grab a tank today and make a statement

After all... how else can you explain it?

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