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3-in-1 Guitar Tool

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Has anyone seen my snips? What about my guitar string winder?

Sound familiar? You know it!

These are the questions that every guitarist asks when changing strings

Or even worse, you're at a gig and need to change a string and you don't have the tools with you to do the job

...because where are they?

Sitting at home right? In the toolbox where they should be I'm sure

Or they're on the bench or in the workshop because you had to cut that piece of wire off the fence cause it kept catching you when you walked past it

... and here you are at a gig after changing a string and you just want to snip the end off it to tidy it up a bit, so you and your band mates don't catch a string in the eye

Not everybody wants to be Stevie Wonder after a string change do they?

I mean, it's not like you can't play blindfolded, you're that good, you simply wouldn't enjoy it as much as you do seeing the crowd in front of you begging for more!

If only you had a little tool that could do everything you need in one

You could pull the pegs out of your acoustic, wind on the new string and snip off the end, all without changing your tool

Now you're talking!

Keep one in each of your guitar cases at the ready for any string issues that may arise

Be a prepared guitarist and pick up one today

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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