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Here at In-Tune Accessories, we like to make sure you have all the answers to questions you have on how musical things work, or what to buy and why, so we've introduced this FAQ section of our site, where we answer the most simple of question right through to those real head scratchers, so that you have all the info you need to make the right decision for you.


What is a chromatic guitar tuner?

To answer this, let's start with the word "Chromatic" which means "involving a modification of the normal scale by the use of accidentals." In other words, a chromatic scale includes flats and sharps or "semitones" of the whole or "natural" notes.

A chromatic guitar tuner is able to accurately tune any note in the chromatic scale, including semitones.


Can a guitar tuner be used on a ukulele or bass?

The short answer to this is a resounding yes, as long as it's a chromatic guitar tuner and is not restricted to only the notes on a particular instrument.

Some tuners may only respond to the notes on a selected instrument and should only be used with that instrument. Be mindful of this when selecting your tuner.

Tuners have different "modes" for each instrument that will tell you which string you're tuning on the instrument mode you've selected.
For example, when tuning an A note, it will tell you that this is string number 5 on a guitar and number 3 on a bass, giving you a quick indication that you have the correct note tuned.


Where should I clip the tuner on the instrument?

Typically, the best place to clip the tuner is on the head of the instrument, near the tuning machine heads, so that it can pick up on the vibrations of the notes through the instrument.

This also means that you can leave it on the instrument while playing and simply switch it on when you need to tune. Depending on your case (most hard shell cases have enough space for the head) you can leave it on the guitar when it's in the case too, so it's always handy when you need to get In-Tune.


Which tuner should I buy?

At the end of the day, you'll definitely want a compact chromatic tuner that is easy to use, has a display that is easy to read and can be used on more than one type of instrument in the event of needing to tune a bass or ukulele.

Here at In-Tune Accessories, all of our tuners  work on all stringed instruments, including guitar, bass, ukulele and violin, so it doesn't matter what you play, you can get in tune and keep on rockin!