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CEO Tested and Approved

But wait, why would you make the CEO use our products?

Because he wants to!

Josh, our CEO, believes that if we are to make products available for you to use in your everyday lives, then we should - at a minimum - use them in our everyday lives too!

That's right, we should "walk the walk" for you, our customers!

So that's exactly what he does!

Josh has his own collection of our products that he's ordered in, so that when somebody asks him about the quality of anything we sell, he can say, from first hand experience, that they are top notch and actually mean it!

As he adds new products to his collection, he sends us photos and tells us how they are:

 Our CEO using one of our Every Great Musician - 15oz mugs

Here he is enjoying a cuppa in the 15oz Every Great Musician Mug.

Josh says it's been cleaned in the dishwasher and in the kitchen sink and the print is still good.

Our CEO sporting one of our Rock N Roll - Unisex T-Shirts

And here he is at a friend's BBQ in one of our Rock N Roll T-shirts with a beer in hand.

Goes well with a pair of denims and is one of the softest t-shirts he owns.

Our CEO wearing an In-Tune Accessories - Unisex Hoodie

Last but not least, a signature In-Tune Hoodie on a cooler day down at the beach.

He says these hoodies are great to wear and when you wash them, they don't get all those little balls of lint all over them.