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Guitar Strap with 3-Pick holder

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Don't you hate it when you're playing on stage and you drop a pick?

Who doesn't right?

You're in a full-blown strum starting off a song and next minute, your pick is on the floor and the singer is acapella!

It's one of those moments that you figure will never happen, but when it does, it leaves you scrambling on the floor to pick up your pick, or playing the rest of your song with that quality fingernail sound

That is... unless you have a spare pick handy

...and it's gotta be in a convenient place too, right?

Somewhere quick and easy to grab, because you have a split second before the next strum is due to be played

And if you move around on stage or are lucky enough to be wireless and get down on the dance floor, you can't be rushing back to the stage to grab a pick mid song

So what is the solution?

What is the other thing you have with you pretty much every time you play?

How about the strap holding your guitar on you?

Why not have your picks sitting on your strap ready to go?

Problem Solved!

That way, it doesn't matter whether you're on stage, on the dance floor or on a break, your picks will be with you and your guitar when you need them

With enough room for 3 picks and a fully adjustable strap, this is the pick perfect solution for you

Pick up a strap today and keep on rockin!

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