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Finger Shaker

Finger Shaker

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Do you want to add a little percussion to your rhythm?

When you're jamming at home or around the campfire with your friends, your sound will be that much better with some percussion in the mix, wouldn't you agree?

A little shaker to sweeten your strum wouldn't go astray.


How are you going to hold an egg whilst strumming a guitar?

I mean, holding a pick and a shaker in the same hand it's not exactly impossible is it, but it does provide a challenging time, wouldn't you say?

...because you're not exactly going to hold your shaker in your chord hand are you...

That would just be weird and stupid, right?

So what is the solution?

How can you strum your guitar (or ukulele or any stringed instrument) as well as have a shaker sound going on?

Enter the finger shaker

A shaker that not only adds some percussion to your sound, but allows you to do it easily whilst strumming your instrument

With a groove for your finger and a comfortable strap, this finger shaker is a breeze to wear whilst strumming your favorite instrument

And at a price like this, why wouldn't you get one for your next jam session right now?

Click the Buy Now button to get yours today

Because we simply can't shake the feeling that you'll love the new sound

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